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Should I Buy a 3D Printer Kit or an Assembled 3d Printer?

Printing at home is nothing new, but 3D printers drastically change the meaning of printing. Now we have the ability to upgrade our printing abilities into three dimensions. This opens up many possibilities for creation from say, a wine rack, to a combination safe.
Once you decide you want a 3D printer for yourself, you get to decide whether you want a fully assembled kit, or one that you build yourself. Both options have pros and cons about them, so your choice is going to depend on your personal preferences. Here are some factors to weigh to help you in your decision:

3D Printer Kits

First up is the 3D printer kit, which comes in pieces and you assemble yourself. The pros of the kit include:

  • The kit is going to cost less than if you were to purchase the assembled 3D printer
  • You will be able to learn all that you can about the printer, and how it functions, as you put it together
  • If any problems arise, you will have background knowledge which can help you troubleshoot more effectively

With this being said, there are several cons about a kit that you are going to have to consider as well. These include:

  • It is open source, so you may have to search for parts and the like in order to get this running for yourself, but it can be a rewarding experience once you are complete
  • Assembly is time consuming as you have to build the printer, there is nothing completed for you. So this is not an open up and start printing type of job

Assembled 3D Printers

The assembled printer comes fully assembled and ready for use. The pros of this option include:

  • The printer is already set up and ready to go, you simply have to plug it in, download software and get on your way printing
  • Many of the assembled 3D printers include an auto leveling bed, which can ensure you get a great print each time, something that kits often do not have
  • Assembled printer options are much more convenient for those who are on a strict time schedule
  • Being that these printers are fully enclosed, the temperature remains more stable which increases the odds for a better print

Though many would assume an assembled 3D printer is the better option, there are some cons to this
decision. These include:

  • Due to being enclosed, many people experience problems that require calling in a technician to fix
  • Since you are not involved in the building process, you are not learning much about how these work and how to fix problems on your own
  • These cost much more than kits since they are ready to be used

So which option is the best for you? This really depends on what type of person you are. For those who are tech savvy, do-it-yourself types, have the time and the patience required to finish a project, and want to have a hands on look at the 3d printer, then the kit is going to be the best option. For those who simply want to start designing, you cannot go wrong with an assembled 3d printer. Either way, at the end of the day, you will be able to bring your ideas to life once you purchase your new 3D printer.

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